Satan’s Smoke

in 2010, Hoam Rogh published Satan’s Smoke and it sold out fairly quickly, the next year its author became a bank lawyer and stopped promoting the work to get a job and pay off law school debt – in 2020, it’s back. 

satans smoke

Topics Covered In The Book

The legal history of marijuana prohibition in the United States & Why it’s unconstitutional. 


False Information

The Marihuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937 falsely changed the name from cannabis to marijuana and used newspaper’s to spread lies.


Powerful Conspiracies

Industrial hemp threatened newspaper, petrolum and other interests of conglomerates.


Political Oppression

By 1970, the focus had shifted to control of the counter culture hippies and to control groups that threatened Law & Order Dick Nixon.


Rational Basis with Bite

The enforcement of the cannabis ban has a disproportionate impact on black and brown people and poor neighboorhoods.


Medical Effects

One of the characters uses medical marijuana to benefit his hard to treat MS demonstrating the hypocrisy of the weed laws.


Legal Analysis

Hoam Rogh wrote the book in his first year of practicing law, he’d research the constitutionality of the law and put it in the book.

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This is a story, based on the truth behind cannabis prohibition, and the one hypothetical case that could put an end to it all. I loved it.


Previously titled "Satan's Smoke," this novel, both comedic as well as informative, should not be confused by virtue of its name to be a rather stuffy synopsis on an existent court case.

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About the author.

Back in 2010, a lawyer didn’t just put his name on a work of fiction undermining the entire history of the nation’s cannabis laws, but Thomas Howard also enjoyed using the pen-name Hoam Rogh because he credits it for how he wrote all his work.  He wrote all the words on him Mac computers – which if you look at where you put your fingers, you will see the Home Row of your keyboard.  And now you know how to prounce and Hoam Rogh means. 

Since writing Satan’s Smoke, retitiled Case of US v Yerbas, Thomas has used the experience to develop a mobile app, build numerous websites, and even developed one heck of a cracker jack website on the cannabis laws –  Check him out on there, or on the Cannabis Legaliation News channel.  And keep fighting the good fight – we’ll win this yet! 

Thomas Howard

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